Staged homes: unlivable yet sellable

by Eric Chang on May 27, 2009

Staging. You know it when you see it. It has even raised a recent stir.

Staging a listing remains popular, whether in fully or partially staged form. No matter what, the end product is that familiar antinomy of everyman’s ideal abode in an uninhabitable, minimalist esthetic. The stuff is fundamentally unlivable…though good at whetting buyers’ appetites.

Staged furniture is the Double Whopper w/Cheese of real estate.

not real food…but Mmmmm…!

It may cost around $2200-$2700 to stage a 2BD bungalow for the typical 2-month minimum. (Extra “design fees” may apply.) Sellers often make the money back in higher selling prices and lower days on market. Of course, no amount of staging would ever rescue an overpriced listing! But in most cases, staging is a worthwhile investment.

That’s why I offer my sellers a staging subsidy to encourage them to do it.

For the budget-conscious, there are plenty of cheap tricks and advice online. If your home is still occupied, then prepare to pile your belongings into the garage to make room for the fake stuff.

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