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November 2009

Andante documents

November 28, 2009

Andante residents should be receiving a postcard from me in the next few days. I encourage you to log in and explore the many real estate tools at Importantly, over the next week, I’ll be updating the Reports link on that site. I have some Andante documents — including CCRs — that I’m planning […]

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Short sale scenario – 2nd lienholder payoff

November 15, 2009

Seller is doing a short sale. Two loans on the property. 1st lienholder agrees to a $5,000 payoff to the 2nd lienholder. 2nd lienholder wants a $9,000 payoff. Buyer agrees to pay 2nd lienholder the $4,000 difference. Knowing the 1st lienholder would object – and would want that $4,000 for itself – Buyer plots with […]

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Buyer tax credit extension

November 6, 2009

Christmas will be swell on K Street (read: huge bonuses). I didn’t think it could happen. I thought it was too expensive, too politically infeasible. But somehow, Congress managed not only to extend the $8000 federal tax credit for 1st-time homebuyers til April 2010…but it also expanded the program to include a $6500 tax credit […]

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