EBMUD sewer lateral ordinance explained

by Eric Chang on February 13, 2012

Alex Hardy of Pipespy, Inc. spoke at our office today about the newly effective Private Sewer Lateral (PSL) Ordinance.

Under the PSL Program, most residential sales in Oakland, Piedmont, and Emeryville will trigger mandatory inspection—and in many cases, replacement—of a property’s sewer lateral. The ordinance was adopted to combat rainwater infiltration of the sewer system, which leads to sewage spills and overwhelmed sewage treatment plants.

This is the biggest point-of-sale policy development in our area in recent years. Depending on the purchase terms, either the seller or buyer is responsible for PSL Program compliance. This spells hundreds or thousands of dollars for the cost of sewer lateral inspections, or any necessary replacement. If unprepared, sellers and buyers will face some rough surprises during the escrow period.

Here, Alex addresses many ongoing questions among area agents:

  • When do we do the PSL inspection?
  • Which type of inspection should we do first?
  • Under what circumstances is replacement necessary?
  • What is the pressure test inspection? The hydrostatic test?
  • How is the new PSL Program different from existing similar ordinances in Berkeley and Alameda?

Q&A starts at 9:55.

Pipespy is a full-service plumbing, drain and sewer company that specializes in trenchless pipe replacement.

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