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First rodeos

July 14, 2016

Next week will be my first writing retreat. The good folks at the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley have awarded me the James D. Houston Memorial Scholarship to attend. And, the editors at J Journal called today. They’ve accepted my short story, “Golden Star,” and will publish it in their Spring 2017 issue. Yay! […]

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To my old clients

January 12, 2014

I’m no longer practicing real estate. After twelve years in the trade, I’ve decided to scratch a certain itch and do some writing. So I’m no longer with Alain Pinel Realtors, or any other brokerage. I enjoy receiving the occasional note from you. Do keep in touch and let me know how you’re doing. Eventually […]

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Alain Pinel accomplishments

August 1, 2011
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The cost of renting out your house

June 28, 2011

Renting out your house can be a smart financial move, as long as you calculate your costs carefully. Read

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Emeryville condo & townhouse trends

June 12, 2011

Here’s an 18-month snapshot of Emeryville’s condo & townhouse market. Keep in mind the small sample sizes corresponding to most of the months.

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Supercharging this site

July 9, 2010

So I discovered Thesis theme for WordPress the other week. Quel excellent excuse for a major revamp of this site…. While I’m coding (by trial-n-error), do excuse the unpolished look until I get everything cleaned up. One major content upgrade will be the Communities page. Over the next months, I’ll be adding content to feature […]

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The “Buying Season”

June 9, 2009

When is “Buying Season?” Most agents and buyers agree it runs from late Spring til the end of Summer. Herd mentality often compels buyers to get into contract within this period. However, they should consider: Is Buying Season necessarily the best, or only, time to buy? Special situations certainly will necessitate buying before September—like registering […]

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Intro to this site…fodder for cocktail parties

October 24, 2008

Things are finally up and running! I’ve retained a few elements from my old site…but am starting mostly with a clean slate, a blog-centric approach to keep things current&relevant. The next few postings are a glimpse of things to come. They’ll include assorted conversations from my world — read in print or heard around the […]

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Under construction…

September 16, 2008

Thank you for visiting. As you can see, I am doing a complete overhaul of my site. Please re-visit when I get it up&running soon! Eric

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